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Live Podcasting Gear List

Podcasting is an excellent platform for creating an intimate relationship with your audience, more so than any other medium. While most interviews are 1-on-1 between a few individuals at most, live podcasting is a way to spread the love with new and existing audiences.

Below are the 10-steps you need to plan for and pull off an amazing live experience for your podcast audience, as well as a gear list to ensure that you have all the right equipment for any scenario at any venue:

10-Step Live Podcasting Checklist:

  1. Find a Compelling Guest
  2. Select the Right Location
  3. Seek Out Sponsorships
  4. Promote, Promote, Promote!
  5. Know Your Gear
  6. Bring Your Own Cables
  7. Bring a Team
  8. Arrive Early for a Practice Run
  9. Hit “Record”
  10. Create an Experience

Basic Live Podcasting Equipment:

Advanced Live Podcasting Equipment:

Cables & Adaptors: