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Episode 25 | The Yacht Week | Live from the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia

Circle Raft (source: The Yacht Week)

I’M ON A BOAT! That’s right, this episode DOES NOT take place in a bar or brewery, but rather aboard a sailing yacht in the middle of the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia. This special edition of Pubcast Worldwide is all about The Yacht Week, and the crazy skippers, hostesses, and international party animals that make this week-long sailing event one of the biggest ragers on the planet!

On my recent holiday in Europe, I was lucky enough to have Brad Dupen as the skipper for our boat. Originally from South Africa, Brad has sailed and worked everywhere from the Bahamas to the coasts of England, and we decided his story was just too good to pass up for a Pubcast episode. While you’ll certainly get to hear about Brad’s own journey moving up in the nautical world, we also walk you through the antics of The Yacht Week as we share party stories over Croatian beers during our week at sea. But you won’t just have to hear it from us: plenty of other “Yacht Week All-Stars” contribute to the stories in this episode, creating a truly unreal show that will have you packing for The Yacht Week in no time!

Skipper Brad Dupen

Drinking Destination:

A Yacht – The Adriatic Sea

I know. A yacht is technically not a bar or brewery…but we drank plenty of beer on it! Plus, a yacht is a FUCKING BOAT, which is pretty awesome.

The majority of this episode was recorded on “Sky Kiss,” a 49 ft. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509 sailing yacht. However, amidst a massive hangover and sleep deprivation, the interview was completed over Bloody Marys at Sanctuary, a craft cocktail bar in the old city of Split, Croatia, and a popular hangout for Yacht Week skippers and hostesses.

Riviera Party in Hvar

Coaster Notes:

  • Skipper Brad Durpen and I start off the first part of the episode anchored off the coast of Palmizana, a marina not too far from the more renowned Croatian island town of Hvar. The weather was perfect, the water was turquoise, and we had Croatian craft beer. It’s a shame you weren’t there…
  • We quickly recount some of the events of The Yacht Week thus far: Circle Raft, partying in Hvar, and day-drinking.
  • Brad got into sailing after taking a 30-day skipper course in Durban, South Africa. After quickly realizing he had a passion for sailing that he wanted to turn into a career (his primary aspiration is becoming a charter captain), he sailed in England, and started a sting ray business in the Bahamas.
  • Brad tells us the story of his maiden voyage with a 33’ sailboat he bought in Florida (named “Serenity”), where he ran into some issues with hammerheads, overheating engines, and the Coast Guard.

    Pubcasting from the bow of “Sky Kiss”

  • We talk about the best coastlines in the world to sail across, including South Africa (Brad’s home country), Australia, and England.
  • * * [interruption due to nautical emergency and rescue] * *
  • We continue the story once we are docked at the Tunnel Raft…
  • Brad had “Serenity” for 3 years while exploring the Berry Islands in the Bahamas. After selling his boat, he opened a surf school in Costa Rica that he ran for 2 years before becoming a Yacht Week skipper.
  • Now that Brad’s personal tale is out of the way, we switch the focus to Yacht Week stories. Brad recounts a recent situation involving a nap, nudity, and port authority…
  • After surviving Tunnel Raft and the closing party, Brad and I wrap up the episode over Bloody Marys at Sanctuary Bar in Split, and prepare to part ways for our next adventures…

Regatta on the final day of The Yacht Week

Zmajska Pale Ale in the marina

Drinks of the Show:

  • Zmajska Pivovara Pale Ale – Zmajska is the Croatian word for “dragon,” and this particular brewery was one of the first to kickstart the Croatian craft beer movement in 2013.
  • Ozjusko Pivovara – The basic lager of Croatia. Nothin’ to see here! But it does taste good in the hot Adriatic sun…
  • Karlovacka Pivovara – Basically the same thing as Ozjusco, but a different name and a different can. This one is owned by Heineken.

Looking out over Vis

Party at Fort George…also in Vis

Go on The Yacht Week:

Seriously! Go on The Yacht Week! Croatia is just one of the routes taken by The Yacht Week. Other destinations include Italy, Greece, Thailand, Montenegro, and the British Virgin Islands. Visit to book your trip.

Music Credits:

Ugh…I never want to listen to this song again!

Additional interviews with other “Yacht Week All-Stars”…Jaeger included

“Twinning” with Brad in Hvar


Your host enjoying himself at Circle Raft

Wrapping up the episode at Sanctuary in Split

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