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Episode 26 | “Flight School” with Standard Deviant Brewing | Live from San Francisco, CA

Attempting a photo in the Standard Deviant photo booth with Paul and Mark…

If you like beer and sh*t-talking, this episode is for you! We’re back with another edition of “Flight School,” this time with the gang at Standard Deviant Brewing in the heart of San Francisco, CA. Mark DeVito and Paul Duatschek – 2 of the brewery’s 3 proprietors – join us for this episode, and we basically spend as much time ripping on one another as we do talking about beer.

As a brewery, Standard Deviant is veering away a bit from the trends that are characteristics of most West Coast breweries. Instead of brewing the most aggressively-hopped IPAs, these guys are focusing on traditional German styles like Kolsch and Altbier, while producing a fine lineup of single-hop pale ales as well. Come thirsty! This episode will have you craving a broader selection of beer sooner than you think.

Drinking Destination:

Standard Deviant Brewing – San Francisco, CA

Beautiful embossed bar

A newcomer in 2017 to the San Francisco beer scene, Standard Deviant is “deviating” away from some of the biggest trends in craft beer right now, and it’s damn refreshing! While many breweries are competing to make the haziest, juiciest double IPA, Standard Deviant is taking a cue from the old-world: here you can find classic German styles like their signature Kolsch and Altbier, along with a variety of easy-drinking-yet-flavorful single-hop pale ales.

Coaster Notes:

  • Mark DeVito and Paul Duatschek started Standard Deviant this past year (along with their third partner Dave Azzam), and as Paul learned, coming up with the name of a brewery is hard, and all other elements of a brewery don’t just come naturally after deciding on a name…

    Plethora of pinball….

  • PPFP…”Paul, Perfect For Podcasts”
  • PPA…”Paul’s Pale Ale”
  • PPAPFP…”Paul’s Pale Ale Perfect For Podcasts”
  • Mark is also a proprietor for a number of other successful bars and restaurants around San Francisco, so he takes us through a verbal walk of some of the Mission District’s best nightlife spots, including The Armory Club, Southpaw BBQ, Beauty Bar, Alva Ray’s, Bissap Baobab, and plenty of others.
  • Our consumption of beer #3 – the Altbier – gets us talking about German beer.
  • Mark tells us about a delicious invention called a “Negroni Bomb”
  • Drinking stories: Paul can’t keep up with Mark’s alcohol consumption, and Mark throws tequila shots in people’s eyes.
  • Big things are in the future for Standard Deviant Brewing, including a potential can program and an East Bay taproom (both pending).

Game time…

Drinks of the Show:

Flight time…

  • Callista Pale Ale – A single-hop pale ale, the Callista hop combines old-world hoppiness with new-age citrus-y hop characteristics
  • Mosaic Pale – A very vocal fan-favorite at Standard Deviant, this was the 2nd single-hop pale ale that they brewed. Like many Mosaics, it’s a punchy, aromatic West Coast pale.
  • Altbier – A word that means “the old beer” in German, Altbier remained a favorite ale even as lagers were taking off around Germany. An amber characterized by its roasty, malty flavors and red appearance is very crisp, dry for an amber ale.
  • Oatmeal Stout – A thick, easy-drinking stout that’s also roasty. I still don’t know if I believe them as to whether or not this is really called the Alan Thicke Stout…

Mark & Paul’s Favorite Bars & Breweries in the Mission District:

Southpaw BBQ…pairs well with Kolsch

  • The Armory Club – Cocktail bar right next to Standard Deviant. Named after the infamous armory (guns, porn, etc.) that’s cattycorner to the bar
  • Southpaw BBQ – Carolina-style BBQ joint in the heart of the Mission District
  • Teeth – Another one of Mark’s spots, this one featuring craft cocktails & inspired food
  • The Crafty Fox – One of the best craft beer bars in San Francisco, with a tap list featuring some of the most in-demand California-brewed beers
Connect/Drink with Standard Deviant Brewing:

Make sure to follow Standard Deviant on Instagram and Facebook, To get in contact with Mark, Paul, or Dave, email them at Or, your best option, is to visit them at their taproom! Address below…

Paul Duatschek and Mark DeVito (L to R) gettin’ serious for the interview

Visit Standard Deviant Brewing:

Standard Deviant is located at 280 14th St, San Francisco, CA 94103. Taproom hours are Wednesdays 4-9pm, Thursdays 4-10pm, Fridays 4pm to midnight, Saturdays 1pm to midnight, and Sundays 10am-9pm.

Music Credits:

“WTF? (There’s No Beer Left)” by The Fuck Off And Dies. Check them out at

Standard Deviant: Proud supports of SF City FC



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