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Episode 7: Moose Bob Walker: Long-Term Traveler & Makeshift Bartender – Live from Boneyard Saloon in Park City, UT

Moose Bob Walker, Post-Shred

We’ve interviewed a lot of folks on this show that are doing some pretty creative things in beer and travel…founders, tour guides, hostel managers. But what about a straight-up backpacker? Kyle “Moose Bob” Walker is a true long-term traveler. This bartendin’ powder-farmin’ flip-phone-carryin’ nomad has been traveling the world for over 4 years, and has the stories to prove it. We talk about Moose’s journeys from Indonesia to Yellowstone, while discussing the history of Park City and the Sundance Film Festival. His philosophy on life and travel is straight-forward: SIMPLIFY. We get into all that over a couple Utah craft beers on the rooftop of Boneyard Saloon & Kitchen, with a perfect view of the Rocky Mountains to boot.

Coaster Notes:

  • Moose Bob has been a traveler from Day 1. With a dad in the Navy and a mom who’s a travel agent, Moose lived in Spain, traveled around Europe, and eventually sold all his stuff and hit the road on his own at the age of 22.
  • For over 4 years Moose has been on the road. He started in New Zealand, made his way up to Southeast Asia, lined up a job in Yellowstone, and has found his way to Park City on a seasonal basis.
  • Kyle got his nickname “Moose Bob” on a trip to a concert from Yellowstone, and following a sweet slide guitar song in Denver played in his name, the nickname started to stick.
  • There wasn’t a whole lot of planning that went into Moose’s…umm…”plan” to travel the world aside from a handful of mystical experiences.
  • Moose has one word of advice on how to travel the world: SIMPLIFY. The fact that he still uses a flip phone should be proof of that. Oh, but make sure you have a nice pair of boots.
  • Talking to the locals to find out what to do in a new place is a lost art, but Moose is keeping it alive.
  • Advice for aspiring long-term travelers: 1.) Believe in yourself, 2.) Pay attention to your intentions.
  • “There’s only 2 ways to get unraveled. One is to sleep, and the other is to travel.” –Mark Twain
  • Simplify! There are a whole lot of people out there that are a whole lot happier with a whole lot less.
  • “The plan is there is no plan.” Moose will not entertain making plans with you 8 moon cycles from now…
  • Moose’s drinking story involved an anarchist collective in Salt Lake City and hitchhiking 800 miles to Jackson Hole.
  • Moose comes from a traveling family, as do I. You don’t get traveling “out of your system,” you get it into your system.
  • The Hamakua coast on the big island of Hawaii is one of Moose’s personal favorite travel destinations, but he feels most at home in Park City.
  • Another crazy travel story brings Moose and I back to Indonesia and specifically to Uluwatu, where he wound up at this amazing guest house called Bali Rocks and went to a killer party with folks from around the world…just be careful if you go barefoot.
  • The first weekend of Sundance is always timed with an epic snowstorm. We get to talk a bit about life around the town during the film festival, and more importantly, we get to talk about “farmin’ pow” on the slopes.
  • Robert Redford helped start up the Sundance Film Festival…who knew?
  • Side-note: go visit the Timpanogos. They look like Switzerland
  • We cover a bit of history of Park City as well.
  • Drunken talent? Moose is a pool tournament champion!
  • Moose would grab a drink with his Grandfather: “Grand Bob”
  • “It’s difficult to say exactly what to do but the change begins with me and I’ll reflect it back to you.” –Nahko
Visit Boneyard Saloon & Kitchen:

Boneyard Saloon & Kitchen is located at 1251 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060. Hours are 11am-2am Monday throught Friday, 10am-2am Saturdays, and 10am-12am Sundays.

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