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Pub Crawl Diaries: Portland East Side Brewery Crawl 2016

Every story starts somewhere, and funny enough, 1 year ago Pubcast Worldwide was born out of a brewery crawl in Portland, Oregon…

World Domination Summit East Side Brewery Crawl 2016 Crew

Prior to the Pubcast, I was loosely contributing to a budget travel blog called Hostel Apostles. I started a video segment of that site called “Pub Crawl Worldwide” where I would record Snapchat videos of bar crawls around the country. Once I realized I was far more interested in breweries than I was hostels, this crazy idea of an on-site, in-bar podcast developed quickly, and the rest is history…

As I prepare for the 2nd Annual World Domination Summit East Side Brewery Crawl, feel free to have a look back on where it all started. The original blog post (and associated video) are featured below:

“We recently had the opportunity to visit Portland, OR for the 2016 World Domination Summit (or WDS for short). While WDS certainly warrants its own article for the avid or aspiring globetrotter, Hostel Apostles had the pleasure of hosting the summit’s raucous East Side Brewery Crawl. Over 50 thirsty adventurers & unconventional drinkers took to the streets of Rip City to conquer 4 of Portland’s finest craft breweries, including:

Any of these 4 are worth a visit when you’re in Portland, but if you’ve got the time, definitely try to replicate this pub crawl! It’s a 3/4 mile walk from start to finish if you go in order from Hair of the Dog to Base Camp, and if you do, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible variety of great beer.”

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