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Episode 15 | Yoga + Beer with Downward Drinking Dog | Live from Hapa’s Brewing in San Jose, CA

Pat, Lori, & Chris (left to right)

Yoga paired with beer seems like an odd combination…until you listen to this episode! Lori Thomas & Pat Santos are the founders of Downward Drinking Dog, a San Jose-based event series that throws yoga parties at breweries and craft beverage venues around the Bay Area. Have you ever wondered what beer pairs best with a plank, handstand, or any other yoga pose? Well, after this episode, you won’t have to, because Lori & Pat have the answers!

We met up at Hapa’s Brewing Company in San Jose for our first ever South Bay episode, where this newcomer to the Bay Area beer scene just opened up shop in 2017. With a lineup of beers that are straight forward yet creative – and a brewery with plenty of space for yoga mats – you’ll want to pay these guys a visit.

Coaster Notes:

  • Downward Drinking Dog started when Lori and Pat went to a similar event in a different state. Realizing that an ongoing beer + yoga event didn’t exist in the Bay Area, they jumped on Eventbrite, created an event, and sold out San Jose’s Strike Brewing on their first attempt.
  • “As long as you have a passion, and drive, and good intentions in whatever you’re doing, you’ll learn along the way. You cannot fail at that.” –Lori Thomas
  • Lori believes a good beer or crafted beverage is the perfect reward after a good workout. While the beer scene in San Jose is a bit under-the-radar, when breweries there are open, they are always packed.
  • Pat and Lori give some shoutouts to some of their favorite breweries – plus a distillery and coffee roaster – around the South Bay, including Strike Brewing, Venus Spirits, and Forager.
  • Beer pairs well with food, cheese, the weather, etc…but what about yoga? Lori gives us a rundown of the 5 best styles of beer to pair with certain yoga poses.
  • Some drunken serendipity involving a culinary startup space, a burlesque club, and a gay bar allowed Lori and Pat to develop relationships with some of Portland’s best gastronomers.
  • Pat is a big motorcycle enthusiast, and would grab a drink with Jamie Robinson – host of the YouTube channel MotoGeo – if he had the opportunity.
  • Lori may or may not be really good at wandering and getting lost when she’s had 1 too many drinks.
  • Look for big things from Downward Drinking Dog in the near future…bigger venues, bigger events, and hopefully bigger beers!

Resources for When You’re Sober:

Downward Drinking Dog – For $25 you get an hour-long yoga class and a beer at the end. That’s a deal! Follow them on Facebook for events all around the Bay Area.

Connect/Drink and Do Yoga with Downward Drinking Dog:

The best way to connect with Lori, Pat, & Downward Drinking Dog is to come to one of their yoga events, obviously! But, the best place to keep up with their events is on Facebook, or Instagram.

Visit Hapa’s Brewing:

Hapa’s Brewing is located at 460 Lincoln Ave #90, San Jose, CA 95126. Taproom hours are Wednesday through Thursday 4pm-9pm, Friday 3pm-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm.

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