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Episode 20 | Mike Goncalves | Creator & Founder of Entrepreneur Fitness Academy | Live from Deschutes Brewery in Portland, OR

Mike Goncalves

Mike Goncalves knows a thing or two about fitness, business, and – oh yeah! – Portuguese wine! Mike is a long-time health & wellness expert, and he recently founded Entrepreneur Fitness Academy – a 30-day online experience designed to help entrepreneurs create daily health habits that are quick, easy to follow, and last.

We met up at Deschutes Brewery in Portland, OR during the 2017 World Domination Summit (more on that in the show…) and chatted over a couple pints about the role of fitness in pushing yourself to achieve your goals in business, relationships, and all facets of life. But after enough talk about exercise, we enter the “Tipsy Talk” where we got to know Mike a bit better over a couple of drinking stories and talk of wine ranging from Portugal to Massachusetts to Oregon.

Drinking Destination:

Deschutes Brewery – Portland, OR

Originally started in Bend, OR, Deschutes is a household name when it comes to Oregon craft beer. Widely-distributed, you may have had their famous “Fresh Squeezed IPA,” “Black Butte Porter,” or “Obsidian Stout,” but if you haven’t, know that these guys brew hand-crafted West Coast beers in a variety of styles.

Coaster Notes:

  • Deschutes’ Portland Public House is in the heart of the Pearl District, a former warehouse district that’s home to the famous Powell’s Books (a giant book store), art galleries, and one of my favorite restaurants: TILT (hand-crafted food for the American workforce).
  • Mike’s primary service is helping other entrepreneurs use exercise as a way to crush whatever limiting beliefs and doubts they have.
  • Overcoming the adversity of being told he was a lousy student, Mike took his love for athletics and his entrepreneurial heritage (his grandfather was a baker in Brazil), and realized at an early age he could leverage exercise to feel at his best.
  • Mike helps keep entrepreneurs on-track even in the face of failure. His latest project is the “Entrepreneur Fitness Academy,” which is a 30-day online experience that teaches them how to leverage exercise to crush their fitness, personal, and business goals.
  • “Motivation is not a feeling…Motivation is a choice.” –Mike Goncalves
  • “Live life like Ryan Gosling.” –Chris Luecke
  • Back in Mike’s home state of Massachusetts, there’s a lot of good Portuguese wine. Mike gives us a crash course on his ancestral country’s wine (go try some wine from the Douro region if you get the chance)
  • Since neither of us are from Portland, we get into why we’re there: the annual World Domination Summit. Mike eloquently describes it as a gathering of people doing work that they love, adding that it’s a conference largely for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and travelers “living unconventional lives in a conventional world.”
  • If Mike could grab a drink with anyone, it would be Jim Rohn. An early voice of the “you’ve gotta put in the work!” philosophy, he’s probably most famously quoted for saying “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”
  • While neither Mike nor I live in Portland, we’ve both come to learn a thing or 2 about the town. Mike gives us an overview of the Willamette Valley wine region, while I hype up the Portland beer scene and my annual World Domination Summit East Side Brewery Crawl.

Post-Interview Old Fashioned

Drinks of the Show:

  • Passion Fruit IPA – While Mike did not know what the hell he ordered, I started with one of Deschutes’ many fruit-infused IPAs.
  • Clearly An IPA – A piney IPA that offered a bit of a cleaner alternative to Round 1.
  • Old Fashioned – Inspired by Ryan Gosling’s stud performance in “Crazy Stupid Love,” this immediately became Mike’s cocktail-of-choice after seeing that movie. While Mike typically goes for the standard whiskey version of this classic cocktail, we treated ourselves to some post-show brandy old fashioned’s after we got done recording. More on that below…
Resources for When You’re Sober:
  • Entrepreneur Fitness Academy – Mike’s 30-day online experience designed to help entrepreneurs create daily health habits that are quick, easy-to-follow, and last. Next session starts October 2017. Visit the link above to sign-up.

Mike and Chris’ Favorite Bars & Breweries in Portland:

  • Barlow – An artisanal cocktail bar near the Park Blocks in downtown Portland, Mike and I immediately hit this spot after the interview for some post-show old fashioneds.
  • Portland East Side Brewery Crawl – Portland’s East Side is full of breweries, and my one contribution to the World Domination Summit every year is hosting the brewery crawl. 4 great breweries within half a mile of one another.

Part of the crew at the 2017 WDS Brewery Crawl

Mike’s Favorite Wineries in Oregon’s Willamette Valley:

  • Penner-Ash Wine Cellars – While they’re known for their pinot noir, taking in the view from winery while sitting in Adirondack chairs is the main draw.
  • Stoller Family Estate – Great wine, but once again the view – complete with mountains and a massive tree with a tire swing – is the reason to visit.
Connect/Drink with Mike:

Visit, or shoot him an email at Also, Mike posts fitness and “Mondays with Mike” videos to YouTube on a frequent basic, so make sure to subscribe there as well.

Chris & Mike Pubcasting from Deschutes

Visit Deschutes Brewery:

Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House is located at 210 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209. Bar hours are Sunday through Thursday 11am-11pm, and Fridays and Saturday 11am-12pm.

Music Credits:

“Light Rail Coyote” by Sleater-Kinney. Check them out at

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