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A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain | A Pubcast Worldwide Special Edition

Anthony Bourdain The Layover

Anthony Bourdain © The Travel Channel

Is it possible to define the influence and legacy of Anthony Bourdain? He was an inspiration to so many people in the travel and culinary worlds, including many past guests of the Pubcast. In this special edition of Pubcast Worldwide, four former guests return to the show to discuss the impact Bourdain had on their own travels and careers, and the broader legacy he is leaving behind.

Broke-Ass Stuart, Ryan Drysdale, Valerie Stimac, and Nathaniel Boyle join me in a conversation reflecting on their first experiences with Bourdain, his raw, authentic style that set him apart, and the lessons he taught us about travel, culture and empathy over the years.

If you’re a regular listener of Pubcast Worldwide, you know that Bourdain was a major inspiration for this show. Just as Bourdain was a master of sharing the stories of others, it only felt appropriate to have others share their stories in return. Listen in, as we raise a glass to honor the life of Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain with Barack Obama in Hanoi, Vietnam

Bourdain with Barack Obama in Hanoi, Vietnam © CNN

Show Notes:

The format of this episode is different. In this episode, I prepared 4 questions surrounding the influence, life, and legacy of Anthony Bourdain, and asked those to each of my guests. These interviews have been compiled to provide a cohesive conversation about Bourdain. Here’s who you can expect to hear from…

Episode Guests:
  • Broke-Ass Stuart – Episode 9 – Although his proper name is Stuart Schuffman, he is best known for his unfiltered San Francisco lifestyle blog Broke-Ass Stuart. He is theMan-About-Town in San Francisco. Stuart is most commonly described as a Travel Writer, TV Host, Poet, and a Motherf*ckin’ Hustler. He has written for Lonely Planet, as well as his own guidebooks for San Francisco and New York City, and even had his own travel show “Young, Broke, and Beautiful” on IFC.
  • Ryan Drysdale – Episode 12 – Ryan a former digital nomad who now has shifted to working a more stationary job at a non-profit called Inspire U.S. He lives in C. where he and his team are focused on civic engagement geared toward high school students, getting them registered to vote, but also providing non-partisan tools that help them make informed decisions.
  • Nathaniel Boyle – Episode 14 – Nathaniel Boyle is all-things travel. He is the founder of the online creative travel community Holocene, the host of “The Travelers” podcast, and named by the White House as one of the Top 100 Influencers in travel.
  • Valerie Stimac – Episode 37 – Valerie is the creator of the successful travel blog Valerie & Valise, which has helped her springboard into a number of other gigs within the travel writing industry; she’s a long-time contributor to Lonely Planet, and the Managing Editor for Go Overseas. Most recently, she launched the Space Tourism Guide, an out-of-this-world resource for astro tourism and the emerging idea of commercial space travel.

Anthony Bourdain enjoying a beer

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain | A Pubcast Worldwide Special Edition

  1. Adrien Behn

    Anthony Bourdain was such an inspiration to all of us, and I loved hearing how he affected every one of the speakers on this episode differently. I thought this episode really encapsulated the dynamic and honest human he was. Overall, I thought this was a fun format to hear Chris interact with so many different people over a singular question. Not gonna lie, I listened to it twice.

    1. Chris Luecke Post author

      Thanks for listening, Adrien! I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. “Dynamic” is certainly a great way to describe him. All of my guests had something different to say about him, which I feel is a testament to how multifaceted he really was. Cheers (twice)!

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