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Episode 36 | Sean Ogle | Founder of Location Rebel | Live from Pope House Bourbon Lounge in Portland, OR

Sean Ogle © Location Rebel

Sean Ogle is a Location Rebel. He’s also a bucket lister, avid golfer, and cocktail connoisseur. He’s traveled the world to pursue his work and passions, making him a perfect guest for Pubcast Worldwide.

In 2009, Sean created Location Rebel, a set of resources and online community aimed at helping people build relevant skills for creating an online business that will allow them to adopt a location independent lifestyle. In this episode, we explore what it means to be location independent, tips for creating an online business, and Sean’s personal story of quitting his job, moving to Thailand, and ultimately creating Location Rebel.

We met up at Pope House Bourbon Lounge in Sean’s hometown of Portland, OR for our interview. As the cocktails start to flow, Sean and I jump into some other conversations, including Sean’s love of Scotch and golf, his quest to visit the top 50 bars in the world, and his new site Hobby Hacking that teaches people how to turn their passion into a business.

Drinking Destination:

Pope House Bourbon Lounge – Portland, OR

It might not surprise you that a place called The Pope House Bourbon Lounge has a Southern vibe and an extensive list of Kentucky bourbons. Set in an old Victorian home in Portland’s Nob Hill neighborhood, it’s a perfect cocktail outpost amidst countless other establishments in one of North America’s best food & beverage cities.

Coaster Notes:

  • Naturally, we kick off the show discussing Scotch and cocktails, Sean’s beverages of choice.
  • As we jump into location independence, Sean discusses his 3-step process for building a location dependent business: build the relevant skills, choose one of those that you excel at to make money, and finally apply those skills to apps, subscription sites, etc.
  • Sean defines being a “location rebel” as simply having a lifestyle that provides the freedom to do the things you like to do, whether that’s traveling the world and working from anywhere, or having the ability to work from home in your pajamas.
  • Sean shares some common misperceptions around adopting a location independent lifestyle. Hint: It’s not easy.
  • What’s Sean’s initial advice for adopting a location independent lifestyle? Start a blog.
  • Are jobs broken? Sean shares his thoughts, and they might surprise you…
  • We kick off Round 2 by learning about Sean’s expensive taste in Scotch.
  • I pull up Sean’s bucket list on his website, and we cover some ground, from riding every roller coaster at Cedar Point to writing a rock album.
  • Sean is a 70-year-old in a 30-something-year-old’s body. As the drinks kick in, we swap golf, drinking, and travel stories.
  • What’s next for Sean Ogle? Keep an eye out for his new site Hobby Hacking, a new program within Location Rebel designed to help you turn your passion into a profitable online business.

Drinks of the Show:

  • Smokey Old Fashioned – As Sean tries to make it to the Top 50 Bars in the World, this is his drink-of-choice to get a baseline skill-level behind the bar
  • Velvet City – Containing tequila, crème de cacao, allspice dram, Amaro Averna, and Aztec Chocolate Bitters. Better than Round 1…

No shortage of selections at Pope House Bourbon Lounge…

Sean’s Favorite Bars in Portland, OR:

  • Teardrop Lounge – Sean’s recommendation for cocktails in Portland
  • Rum Club – Sean’s other recommendation for cocktails in Portland
  • Ox – “Think Argentinean Steak House meets Portland”
  • Ataula – Amazing Spanish tapas by 2014 Portland Chef of the Year Jose Chesa
  • The Waiting Room – Portland’s best spot for Southern food
  • Bamboo Sushi – A small local chain for sushi in Portland

Resources for When You’re Sober:

Location Rebel – Sean Ogle’s primary program that teaches you how to build lifestyle businesses. This includes “blueprints” that teach you essential skills including freelance writing, building niche sites, copywriting, and social media & online marketing skills just to name a few. Plus, the discussion forum full of 2,000+ fellow Location Rebels gives you a great community to engage with and swap ideas.

Breaking Eighty – As a golf-lover, Sean created Breaking Eighty as his own niche site built around his passion. The site contains golf resources, product and course reviews, and The Eighty Club: a private golf society for the game’s most passionate followers.

Hobby Hacking – Sean’s new course that teaches you how to build a business doing the things you love. The step-by-step process goes beyond the glamour and includes all of the non-sexy skills you need to develop to turn your passion into a business in 3 months.

Connect/Drink with Sean Ogle:

You can find Sean via his handle @SeanOgle on both Instagram and Twitter. Or, just shoot him an email at

Sean Ogle & Chris Luecke downing cocktails at Pope House

Visit Pope House Bourbon Lounge:

Pope House Bourbon Lounge is located at 2075 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209. Bar hours are 4pm to midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 4pm to 1am Fridays and Saturdays.

Episode Sponsor:

Tortuga Backpacks are the makers of boutique travel backpacks that are perfect for any trip: functional enough for backpacking around Europe, classy enough for business. The Tortuga Outbreaker is my go-to back for all of my travels. It’s the max size luggage for the overhead bin so that I never need to check a bag (unless of course I’m traveling with beer!). You can hear more about their story from Co-Founder Fred Perrotta way back in Episode 2.

Music Credits:

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