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Episode 46 | “Flight School” with Young Henrys | Live from Sydney, Australia

Young Henrys

The Pubcast heads Down Under for the first time ever! In this episode, we travel to Sydney, Australia for an episode of Flight School with Young Henrys, the brewery that served as the catalyst for the craft beer boom in Sydney’s bohemian Newtown neighborhood.

Senior Brewer Jesse Searls takes us through a flight of 7 core and seasonal beers – including their flagship Australian Pale Ale ‘Newtowner’ – while regaling us with drinking stories from his days in the brewery and in Europe. So, pour yourself a ‘schooner’ and get ready for a crash course in Australian beer!

The Tap Room at Young Henrys
The Tap Room at Young Henrys © Concrete Playground

Drinking Destination:

Young Henrys – Sydney, Australia

Located in Sydney’s Newtown neighborhood, Young Henrys has become a centerpiece of this vibrant part of the city. The brewery has rightfully gained a reputation for its “low impact brewing” that emphasizes sustainability and keeping ingredients local, while their rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic has landed them collaborations with major acts such as the Foo Fighters.

Coaster Notes:

  • Young Henrys was the first brewery in Newtown, opening in 2012. Since then, a total of 11 breweries have opened up in Sydney’s West End.
  • Jesse regales us with some Australian beer facts. While XXXX Gold is the #1 beer by sales in Australia, the oldest beer in Australia is actually from Tasmania.
  • We review Australian beer terminology – Pints, Pots, Ponies, Schooners, and Middies…listen and learn!
  • Young Henrys is known for their collaborations with rock bands, including some huge names like Mumford & Sons and Foo Fighters.
  • After discovering craft beer in the UK, Jesse moved back to Australia as the bar manager, and eventually got his start as a keg washer at Young Henrys. Since then, his responsibilities have increased to Sr. Brewer, and he’s now helping other up-and-comers broaden their skills throughout the brewery.
  • Jesse has more than a few drinking stories, but listen in to hear about his radioactive misadventures across Kiev and Chernobyl…

Drinks of the Show:

Beer at Young Henrys
  • Natural Lager – Unfiltered lager that’s great on a hot Australia’s winter day
  • Stayer Mid – An Australian “mid-strength” with a lot of hops and some oats in the grain bill for additional smoothness
  • Newtowner – This Australian Pale Ale brewed with predominantly Galaxy hops is Young Henrys’ flagship beer. Perfect in its simplicity.
  • Summer Hop Ale – Brewed year round with a sh*t load of American hops
  • Real Ale – A single malt English Bitter, and the first craft beer Jesse tried upon returning to Australia
  • Motorcycle Oil Hoppy Porter – Young Henrys’ winter specialty, it really was a perfect hoppy dark beer
  • Captain Barnacle – With oysters from Sydney Harbor added to the boil, this is a fairly standard stout with some salinity and a hint of seafood in the aroma.
Pubcasting at Young Henrys
Pubcasting with Jesse Searls at Young Henrys
Connect/Drink with Young Henrys:

Young Henrys has an awesome Instagram following, and check them out on other social media including Facebook and Twitter. Everything is @younghenrys.

Visit Young Henrys:

Young Henrys is located at 76 Wilford St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia. Tasting room hours are 12pm to 7pm (12:00 to 19:00) daily.

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