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Episode 56 | Mindset, Punk Rock, and Networking Your Way to What You Love with Wes Hoffman | Live from 4 Hands Brewing in St. Louis, MO

Wesley Hoffman
Wesley Hoffman

Wesley Hoffman is one of the most positive dudes you’ll ever meet, and he’s constantly connecting people and helping them find the work they’ve always dreamed of doing. I’ve been lucky to call him a friend for the past 3+ years.

Shortly after getting laid off in his late 20’s, Wes created the Treehouse Networkshop as a monthly series of networking events in the St. Louis area. Over 5 years later, Treehouse has turned into his full-time job as a coach, recruiter, and motivational speaker.

Wes and I met up at 4 Hands Brewing in St. Louis, MO to catch up over some beers and talk business, mindset, and punk rock as we usually do during my trips back to my hometown. Only this time, we recorded it!

From tactical networking advice to Wes’ latest musical endeavors, this episode is jam-packed with content from start to finish, so grab a drink for yourself as you listen in. By the end of the episode, you’ll be craving some brews & bites from across the St. Louis area, since Wes also has no shortage of local suggestions on where to eat and drink around The Lou.

Drinking Destination:

4 Hands Brewing Co. – St. Louis, MO

4 Hands Brewing Co. © Josh Rowan
4 Hands Brewing Co. © Josh Rowan

Located near just south of the downtown St. Louis skyline, 4 Hands Brewing is literally the best brewery in the world…according to the host of this Pubcast anyway. Specializing in balanced brews across classic and inventive styles, 4 Hands has been steadily growing since opening in 2011. From their philanthropic efforts to their iconic City Wide Pale Ale, this brewery represents everything that’s special about St. Louis, and regardless of your beer preference, you’ll find something you love at 4 Hands.

Wes Hoffman of Treehouse Networkshop
Wes Hoffman © Treehouse Networkshop

Show Notes:

  • Wes shares the story behind Treehouse Networkshop and its evolution, starting as a series of monthly networking events that have turned into the foundation of Wes’ full-time work: helping people connect and find jobs
  • Wes tells us what it was like getting laid off, and how that moment served as the springboard for finding work he was passionate about
  • We discuss why people hate networking, and what it actually means to form meaningful professional connections and friendships with others
  • From conversations about mindset, meditation, and discovering books like Think & Grow Rich, Wes shares how all these practices helped him grow and subsequently bring “more cool people” into his life
  • Wes kicks off Round 2 and takes us to a parking lot in Kansas City for his drinking story…
  • We have a long conversation about punk rock, and how he networked his way into a podcast where he interviews members of prominent punk rock bands
  • Wes’ final thoughts: Find the time to build something you love back into your life

Drinks of the Show:

City Wide American Pale
City Wide American Pale
  • City Wide APA – The best beer in the world, according to your host. An American Pale Ale brewed with Simcoe, Centennial, and Cascade hops. Every quarter, 4 Hands donates 10% of proceeds from this beer to a local St. Louis nonprofit
  • Full Life – 4 Hands’ new craft lager and Wes’ go-to throughout the episode
  • Brut IPA – A super dry IPA brewed with Galaxy hops

Wes’ Favorite Bars & Breweries in St. Louis:

  • Pizza Head – All-vegan New York Style pizza joint on Grand Ave.
  • WellBeing Brewing – Non-alcoholic craft beer
  • Silver Ballroom – Pinball bar in South City
  • CP Pinball – Located across the river in Illinois, this BYOB pinball joint is only open from noon to midnight on Saturdays, but costs only $5 per hour for unlimited play of 70+ pinball machines and arcade games
  • Seedz Café – A new all-vegan, plant-based restaurant in the U City Loop
  • Mission Taco – Street tacos served at 3 different locations across St. Louis
  • Blues City Deli – Music-themed deli specializing in Po-Boy’s and Muffuletta
  • Gioia’s Deli – A 100+ year-old Italian deli famous for their hot salami sandwiches
  • Taco Circus – “…the best breakfast burrito you will ever have in your life.” –Wes Hoffman
  • Southwest Diner – Classic diner with southwestern flare and flavor
  • Morning Glory – A new, non-greasy diner on Cherokee Street…stone’s throw from Wes’ office
Pubcast Worldwide @ 4 Hands Brewing Co.
Pubcast Worldwide @ 4 Hands Brewing Co.

Resources for When You’re Sober:

Wes Hoffman Coaching – Wes’ coaching site containing programs for career, corporate, and mindset coaching programs

Treehouse Networkshop – Wes started Treehouse Networkshop as a monthly networking event series with the philosophy that people should make connections as people first, and then determine how to help each other after. At the very least, new connections mean new friends. Treehouse promotes making connections with people via the world wide web, but truly believes in the power of meeting in person. Treehouse also provides motivational content via video, audio, and social media.

Wes Hoffman Positive Punk

Wes Hoffman with Friends Podcast – Wes’ current podcast about music, motivation, and mindfulness. Wes interviews musicians, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers to get their take on the music businesses, higher consciousness, spirituality, and more.

Think & Grow Rich – Called the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature,” this book helped Wes shift his mindest to start thinking positive, being persistent, and using his imagination

Headspace or Insight Timer – Wes’ recommended meditation apps

The Strangehouse – Wes’ now-defunct punk rock podcast, but still containing an impressive backlog of episodes from his and Corey Smale’s 3+ years of doing the show

Wes Hoffman on Spotify – Listen to “Keep Your Focus” and his newest song “Fastest Gun in the West” among other original songs by Wes

Connect/Drink with Wes:

You can find Wes at, or @WesleyHoffman on both Twitter and Instagram.

Visit 4 Hands Brewing:

4 Hands Brewing Co. is located at 1220 S. 8th St, St. Louis, MO 63104. Taproom hours are 12 to 10pm Monday through Thursday, 12pm to 12am Fridays and Saturdays, and 11am to 9pm Sundays.

Wes Hoffman on Pubcast Worldwide
Wes Hoffman on Pubcast Worldwide

*Cover photo © Cory Miller

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